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What is this fuzzy term all about? People don’t want to live where they are living for some reason and they find some place across the seas and mountains so interesting to live in. Quite a lot of questions run around my entire mind when I just think about this cantankerous term if I am not wrong in describing it that way. I wonder why people struggle so much to pull them out of a country which is been providing shelter right from their birth. I have heard something about pulling and pushing factors that are the basis of this moving. You wonder what? Suppose I work for some company that pays me 500$ with which I can preferably run my family though not luxuriously, and some company abroad pays me some 1000$ for the same job that I do here, I might not hesitate to spend a few bucks and some time to move to that country to enjoy my life. So in this case the wage value becomes the push and pull factor. Though there may be driving factors for immigration the immigrant acceptance level by people across all the country is not very similar. Something should the government of all immigrants prone nations should do to establish equality among their dwellers. I can understand that sometimes immigration becomes inevitable and I am for it. Let us join hands for immigration today!