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My First Friend Ever

What made me see her? A fair tall girl was sitting in front of me. I was not really interested in seeing her or knowing about her because that was the longest day in my life. My mom dropped me at the school door for the first time at the age of three, leaving me all alone in the creepy crowd I had ever met. Why did she do that to me was the only question running over and over into my thoughts then. Was that because I was too mischievous and had been troubling her all the day? I prepared myself to ask her the same the very second I see her and kept repeating the question in mind. Some lady standing in the middle of the crying crowd was blabbering something and that irritated me. What she was doing was really annoying. But then when she started droving everyone out of the place where many like me were seated I understood that she wanted even me to move along with them. I came with the crowd and one teeny-weeny stout master busily crying without noticing me walking in front of him rushed me to the ground and left the place. Groaning with pain I just felt like hitting him back with a force that I hit my brother with. But sad, I wasn’t able to get up even. Someone taller than me was standing besides the lying me. And that was the same tall fair girl who was sitting and I found that she had left one of her hands down for me to hold and the other lay on my shoulder trying to lift me up from the ground. I was warmed up by her care. She took me to the lady who was shouting and requested her to provide me with some medicine. The lady did and I was allowed to sleep. After I wake up I found my mom standing beside me and nobody else. She took me home and I totally forgot about what I had to ask her and started telling about me falling down and things happened after that. I asked my mom who that girl was. My mom told that she should be my First Friend Ever and from then in no occasion of friendship I can forget the tall fair girl named Nancy!