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Meaning of “Pathway to Citizenship”

There are millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States and many say that the country must legalize the undocumented immigrants and some also say that the undocumented immigrants must not be granted lawful status in America. Likewise, the lawmakers also have different ideas. Some say that the immigration laws must be reformed and that the country must create a pathway to US citizenship for the undocumented immigrants.

 A draft of President Obama’s immigration plan leaked to the media recently and if that bill is passed, all the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country would be permitted to apply for conditional immigration status. Qualified immigrants who pay the back taxes and who pass background checks would be permitted to apply for conditional status. This conditional status would permit them to live, study and work in America and this status would be valid for 8 years and after living in the country for eight long years, eligible immigrants would be permitted to apply for US Green Cards. After becoming Green Card holders and after remaining in America as permanent residents for five years, they would be permitted to apply for US citizenship. Likewise, the undocumented immigrants may not be granted special privileges and they may not overtake the other visa applicants who are already waiting for visas. The senators are crafting a similar plan and they are likely to unveil their proposal sooner.

 Jeb Bush, in his book, has written that the undocumented immigrants must not be granted US citizenship. But he has laid out a plan in his book that would grant legal status to the undocumented immigrants but would prevent them from becoming US citizens. However, in an interview, Jeb Bush stated that he wants the country to legalize the undocumented immigrants and that he is not against the pathway to US citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky, stated that he was supporting a path to US citizenship. But now, he says that he supports the creation of a conditional status. Undocumented immigrants who qualify for conditional status would be permitted to work and reside in America and this is similar to President Obama’s plan. Paul does not say that the undocumented immigrants must not be granted US citizenship and he says that the undocumented immigrants must be granted conditional status. Nevertheless, has not made it clear whether the immigrants who become conditional residents would be permitted to obtain permanent resident status, in due course of time.

 Arch conservatives, say that there is no need to revise the immigration system as a path to citizenship already exists. Some undocumented immigrants can get back to their home countries and then travel to the United States legally after obtaining visas but this will take a very long time. People who have crossed the borders illegally, will be subject to a three or a ten year bar and they would be required to wait for three or ten years and then file applications for US visas and travel to the United States. In this case, they need to wait for years even if they have family members in the United States.


New Immigration Rule Helps Mixed-Status Families

Undocumented family members of US citizens will soon get a chance to apply for hardship waivers. Such family members need not stay in their home countries for a long time while they apply for lawful status in the United States and they just need to get back to their native countries to collect their immigrant visas. However, family members of all the US citizens may not become eligible for this waiver and only the immediate relatives of US citizens who are capable of establishing that their US citizen relatives will suffer extreme hardship if they are sent back to their home countries, will become eligible for this waiver.

Lucio, an undocumented immigrant, is the spouse of Vera who is a US citizen. He entered into the United States illegally and he got married to Vera who is a US citizen. He currently works as a painter in Houston, where Vera was born and brought up. Vera who suffers from PTSD is a victim of sexual abuse and she has suffered severe physical and mental abuse. Lucio learned English in less than three years and now speaks good English. He says that he loves the United States and says that he wishes to make the country his permanent home. He also wants to contribute to the growth of the country and he got his Tax ID number as soon as he started to work, as he wanted to legally pay his taxes.

Lucio always wanted to obtain US citizenship and remain in the country lawfully but due to the country’s strict immigration laws and due to the fear of deportation, he decided to remain as an undocumented immigrant. Vera was always worried, as she felt that she may not be able to lead her life and look after her business, without Lucio. Vera says that the new hardship waiver will definitely make a difference and Lucio’s immigration lawyer, Sarah Monty says that Lucio’s waiver will be approved. There are many such mixed-status families in the United States like that of Lucio and this change will help the American families as this waiver will reduce the time family members are separated.

At present, eligible dependents of US citizens who are ineligible for adjustment of status and who are ineligible for US Green Cards will have to leave the country and apply for and obtain immigrant visas in their native countries. According to the new rule, people who have overstayed their visas and who are in the country as undocumented immigrants, may obtain waivers before leaving the country. This rule will help the mixed-status families but this rule does not apply to immediate relatives of permanent residents and the undocumented parents of US citizen children. However, USCIS has also announced that the details provided by the undocumented relatives of US citizens will not be used to deport them.

This Is How It Will End

Does the title sound fuzzy? Probably you end up in a clear decision after you through this article. Certain proceedings in life are presumably tough but are in fact not. The assuming part is where people go wrong and make no good ending of the deed. Any US immigration related issue is one such area where people tend to make wrong decisions in the walk of the process and where they end up is on the land where they find they wasted their money and time. What can go wrong in immigration?

You May By Mistake Choose Wrong Immigration Form

Us immigration itself is a confusing process and to add to it the forms USCIS provide for each purpose are closely related and similar. It needs extensive experience to choose the correct form for specific needs. There are instances where people make mistake in selecting the immigration form when they incline to carry out their immigration process themselves. Simply filing the wrong immigration form can have serious consequences for one’s self and one’s loved ones. Regrettably there is no refund of money for wrong filing.

Error in Filling the Immigration Forms

USCIS has designed the immigration with lots and lots of care as the forms is something to deal with the security of the nation. To tackle with safety issue USCIS forms acquire quite a lot of information from the applicants that are well analyzed to make sure that they let in only right persons inside the country. Though the intention looks meaningful it is quite complicated for any normal person to fill the form without mistakes. USCIS places a check stating that any form with even minor error is just rejected with no further consideration. It is estimated that nearly forty percent of forms are rejected each year just because they are erroneously completed.

Not Aware of Requirements

Though in this contemporary world all information is available with the net, certain facts cannot be interpreted until it is experienced. Immigration is one vast field where experience of each person varies widely and has the potential to give new lessons. The forms listed though define the requirements, certain facts or requirements may be hidden or not explicitly specified. In such case you may not regret for not attaching the required document or facing a refusal of your application when you hire an immigration attorney or firm to submit your forms.

Do Not End Up With Refusals

Though it is quite natural for human to make mistakes, it is wise to seek ways that will help you keep from committing the mistakes. The strict immigration process can be easily got through with qualified immigration consultants or professionals. With capable and skilled firms the burden of filing the form without errors can be reduced. The law firms own sites on the web which collect information by filtration and make the job simpler. This is how you can end up without disappointments of your application getting rejected and enjoy the process of immigration.

Your Favorite American Personalities and Their Birth History

Immigrants had served themselves as well as the nation in many respectable aspects. And that is how they remain loyal to US that awarded citizenship to them. United States is been addressed as a nation of immigrants as it has a lengthy immigration history and is always a country that give room to talents from any part of the world to grow in its soil. Though today there are disputes on whether United Stated can afford to immigration as before there are also general public who support immigration for the adequate contribution of many immigrants to growth of US economy.

Famous Personalities Who Turned Out To Be US Citizens
United States had served well as immigrant destination from long before. This attracted many upright personalities to establish their living in the States. From authors, actors, players, doctors, the list of naturalized citizens is really a long list.
Artists: Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame is from Ireland. People who had Canadian origin include actors Pamela Anderson, comedians Dan Aykroyd and Jim Carey, and bandleader Guy Lombardo Desi Arnaz was an actor-musician from Cuba. Actors Errol Flynn, Cary Grant and Greta Garbo were originally Australian, English and Swedish respectively. Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons was born in Israel while musician Peter Frampton hailed from England.
Politicians: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous person to step into politics who is also known to be the former governor of California. This actor cum politician is an Austrian born citizen and he became a naturalized citizen in 1983. Similarly the former Democratic governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm is from Canada and is a naturalized US citizen.
Scientists: To your wonder Albert Einstein is a German citizen and Scientist Enrico Fermi is from Italy. The renowned physicist Felix Bloch was born in Switzerland
Athletes: Over years many athletes have turned into naturalized US citizens and here you can see a few notable personalities. Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller had originated from. Patrick Ewing, born in Jamaica, was a preliminary center for the New York Knicks for most of his basketball career. Sergei Fedorov had Russian origin and Wayne Gretzky was born in Canada. They both are famous hockey players.
Immigrant’s Contributions
All the above immigrants who had become US citizens legally by filing citizenship application form had contributed to the fame of the country in many aspects and the country had awarded them with reputable recognition for their service to the nation. And hence Immigration shows up its positive face and explains the necessity for the immigrants to be welcomed.


What is this fuzzy term all about? People don’t want to live where they are living for some reason and they find some place across the seas and mountains so interesting to live in. Quite a lot of questions run around my entire mind when I just think about this cantankerous term if I am not wrong in describing it that way. I wonder why people struggle so much to pull them out of a country which is been providing shelter right from their birth. I have heard something about pulling and pushing factors that are the basis of this moving. You wonder what? Suppose I work for some company that pays me 500$ with which I can preferably run my family though not luxuriously, and some company abroad pays me some 1000$ for the same job that I do here, I might not hesitate to spend a few bucks and some time to move to that country to enjoy my life. So in this case the wage value becomes the push and pull factor. Though there may be driving factors for immigration the immigrant acceptance level by people across all the country is not very similar. Something should the government of all immigrants prone nations should do to establish equality among their dwellers. I can understand that sometimes immigration becomes inevitable and I am for it. Let us join hands for immigration today!

My First Friend Ever

What made me see her? A fair tall girl was sitting in front of me. I was not really interested in seeing her or knowing about her because that was the longest day in my life. My mom dropped me at the school door for the first time at the age of three, leaving me all alone in the creepy crowd I had ever met. Why did she do that to me was the only question running over and over into my thoughts then. Was that because I was too mischievous and had been troubling her all the day? I prepared myself to ask her the same the very second I see her and kept repeating the question in mind. Some lady standing in the middle of the crying crowd was blabbering something and that irritated me. What she was doing was really annoying. But then when she started droving everyone out of the place where many like me were seated I understood that she wanted even me to move along with them. I came with the crowd and one teeny-weeny stout master busily crying without noticing me walking in front of him rushed me to the ground and left the place. Groaning with pain I just felt like hitting him back with a force that I hit my brother with. But sad, I wasn’t able to get up even. Someone taller than me was standing besides the lying me. And that was the same tall fair girl who was sitting and I found that she had left one of her hands down for me to hold and the other lay on my shoulder trying to lift me up from the ground. I was warmed up by her care. She took me to the lady who was shouting and requested her to provide me with some medicine. The lady did and I was allowed to sleep. After I wake up I found my mom standing beside me and nobody else. She took me home and I totally forgot about what I had to ask her and started telling about me falling down and things happened after that. I asked my mom who that girl was. My mom told that she should be my First Friend Ever and from then in no occasion of friendship I can forget the tall fair girl named Nancy!