Your Favorite American Personalities and Their Birth History

Immigrants had served themselves as well as the nation in many respectable aspects. And that is how they remain loyal to US that awarded citizenship to them. United States is been addressed as a nation of immigrants as it has a lengthy immigration history and is always a country that give room to talents from any part of the world to grow in its soil. Though today there are disputes on whether United Stated can afford to immigration as before there are also general public who support immigration for the adequate contribution of many immigrants to growth of US economy.

Famous Personalities Who Turned Out To Be US Citizens
United States had served well as immigrant destination from long before. This attracted many upright personalities to establish their living in the States. From authors, actors, players, doctors, the list of naturalized citizens is really a long list.
Artists: Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame is from Ireland. People who had Canadian origin include actors Pamela Anderson, comedians Dan Aykroyd and Jim Carey, and bandleader Guy Lombardo Desi Arnaz was an actor-musician from Cuba. Actors Errol Flynn, Cary Grant and Greta Garbo were originally Australian, English and Swedish respectively. Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons was born in Israel while musician Peter Frampton hailed from England.
Politicians: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous person to step into politics who is also known to be the former governor of California. This actor cum politician is an Austrian born citizen and he became a naturalized citizen in 1983. Similarly the former Democratic governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm is from Canada and is a naturalized US citizen.
Scientists: To your wonder Albert Einstein is a German citizen and Scientist Enrico Fermi is from Italy. The renowned physicist Felix Bloch was born in Switzerland
Athletes: Over years many athletes have turned into naturalized US citizens and here you can see a few notable personalities. Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller had originated from. Patrick Ewing, born in Jamaica, was a preliminary center for the New York Knicks for most of his basketball career. Sergei Fedorov had Russian origin and Wayne Gretzky was born in Canada. They both are famous hockey players.
Immigrant’s Contributions
All the above immigrants who had become US citizens legally by filing citizenship application form had contributed to the fame of the country in many aspects and the country had awarded them with reputable recognition for their service to the nation. And hence Immigration shows up its positive face and explains the necessity for the immigrants to be welcomed.


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